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On the outskirts of Bergamo, about 40 km away from Milan, CAEB INTERNATIONAL begins the production of tools for small farmers and breeders, especially of those living in extreme mountain areas.

The manufacture of the small-size transporters MINICARGO, powered by walk-behind tractors, gets on the way. MINICARGO allows the transportation of wood, hay and any kind of material.

The small-size round baler for the haymaking MOUNTAINPRESS 550 is presented to the market. It is the first and only small round baler powered by walk-behind tractors.  MOUNTAINPRESS 550 allows farmers to bale hay also in extreme mountain areas, often not reachable by big machinery.

The small-size wrappers  MOUNTAINSILOS are developed. Now it is possible to wrap with stretch film the hay bales produced by MOUNTAINPRESS 550. This ensures a better preservation of the crop.

MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPL, small-size round baler laterally trailed by four-wheel tractors, was born. Working on the side of the tractor, MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TPL offers the advantage not to pass on the hay row with the tractor wheels.

Building on the experience gained in the agriculture area, the company designs OMNIPRESS 800, a new rotary baling pres, to compact industrial waste materials into round bales.

The round baler QUICKPOWER, designed to collect and bale vineyard pruning and agricultural trimmings, gets on the way.

QUICKPOWER is completed with the collection unit  BALE TRANSPORTER 8CM, able to move the pruning bales away from the vineyard rows.

The company presents a prototype of EASYSYSTEM, a small plant conceived to make pellets out of the vineyard trimmings collected with QUICKPOWER. In this way the energy content of vineyard trimmings and prunings gets valued: an expensive waste biomass turns to a potential resource that can be used to heat private homes, farms, holiday farms, wineries etc..

The company continues to develop solutions for valuing the energy content of vineyard trimmings and prunings.  EASYSYSTEM ECO LINE  for domestic use is launched on the market and EASYSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL LINE  gets automated.

The company presents the collection unit  BALE TRANSPORTER 4CM for the QUICKPOWER round baler. This new collection unit fits in canopied vineyards and on sloping grounds.
IRONLESS, a new magnetic separator of foreign metal objects in total mixed rations, is also presented.  Thanks to its design, IRONLESS suits a wide range of mixer wagons.

The company presents  EDY CHIPPER, a technologically innovative self-propelled picking-mulching machine for trimmings of crops in rows.

The company presents MOUNTAINPRESS 550 TML, a small-size round baler laterally trailed by any kind of power unit, even without PTO. This baler can be connected to any kind of vehicles, such as atv, quads, small excavators, tracked vehicles, golf cars etc...

The mobile application  CAEB AGROENERGY APP is presented to support the operators who want to know more about the energy valuing of their agricultural prunings.


The company presents MOUNTAINPRESS 550 e-TML, a laterally trailed mini round baler equipped with its own electric motor for coupling to hybrid or electric tractors.
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