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thermo-valuing the agricultural pruning residues

The solutions CAEB INTERNATIONAL offers for handling pruning residues are:
  • collection
  • tranformation
  • heat generation

The POSSIBLE USES of the prunings are:
  1. direct heat generation;
  2. transformation into pellets;
  3. shipping the material to big thermal power stations.

In the first two cases a perfect drying of the pruning residues is necessary.

  1. Collection and direct heat generation
The collection occurs with QUICKPOWER, a small round baler that presses pruning residues in cylindrical bales (60x40 cm), each with an average weight of 25 to 30 kg.
The bales have a “soft core” and in 3 to 5 months naturally reach a moisture level of 15%, so that they can be burnt perfectly.
The bales can be burnt:
a. in one piece in wood-burning furnaces with suitable dimensions;
b. cut into pieces with a chainsaw or a bandsaw and then put into thermo fireplaces or wood-burning furnaces;
c. chipped with BALECHIPPER and put in the THERMOSYSTEM CHIP LINE boilers.

  1. Collection, transformation into pellets and their sale
The collection always occurs with QUICKPOWER. When the bales are dry (approx. 15% moisture) they can be loaded on the conveyor of the EPS Line pellet plant, that turns them into pellets with no need for additives.
  1. Collection and shipping to big thermal power stations
The collection with EDY CHIPPER allows a high operational efficiency. It is a self-propelled picking-mulching machine with hydrostatic traction, front loading and a material discharge height of about 4 meters, designed to move the just chipped pruning residues onto vehicles suitable to their immediate transportation to biomass power plants.

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