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Collecting and baling prunings and trimmings

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QUICKPOWER is a round baler for vineyard prunings and trimmings, designed to press them in small round bales. QUICKPOWER is built using special steel rollers hardened with specific heat treatments. QUICKPOWER is designed to minimise power absorption by means of mechanisms that rotate the compression chamber walls.

On average, QUICKPOWER requires less than one minute to complete the full processing cycle:
• loading the material to be baled
• wrapping the bale
• automatic bale discharge from the rear hatch

The bale produced weighs approximately 25/30 kg. The weight can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the pressure inside the chamber. QUICKPOWER is capable of baling cut branches and prunings that have a diameter of up to 30 mm. QUICKPOWER is available in three models:

  • Model 1230, suitable to work in rows wider than 160 cm
  • Model 930, suitable to work in rows between 120 - 160 cm in width
  • Model 730, suitable to work in rows between 85 - 120 cm in width (Champagne)

The bales, after drying naturally, can get valued thanks to the transformation and heat generation cycles offered by CAEB INTERNATIONAL.





Powered Compression Chamber side plates

Bale Transporter 8CM

Bale Transporter 4CM

Adjustable Rear Wheels

Hydraulic swath brushes

Stony Fields Pick -Up Forks

Hydraulic Pick-up System

Automatic Lubricating System

Bale Counter

Bale Pressure Regulator

Security Rotating Device

PTO shaft with clutch

Adjustable Lengths (3) of Net Wrapping

SISAL binding system

Magnetic Control Box with Buzzer

Automatic Chain Tensioning System

Electro-hydraulic control board

Standard equipment    Optional

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