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Prunings and trimmings processing

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CAEB INTERNATIONAL offers flexible and innovative solutions for valuing the energy content of vineyard trimmings and prunings. The starting point of our systems is baling the prunings into cylindrical bales by means of the round baler QUICKPOWER. The bales have a “soft core”, namely they are less pressed in the centre. This feature is extremely important, for it allows the trimmings to dry naturally in some months, without getting mouldy or fermenting. Once they have dried, also in the open air, the bales can be processed with EASYSYSTEM ECO LINE, a system that offers three different possibilities:

Burning the dry bales directly in boilers.
Cutting the dry bales with a band saw or chainsaw for burning them in thermo-fireplaces.
Chipping the dry bales with BALECHIPPER for burning them in TERMOSYSTEM CHIP LINE

Prunings and trimmings processing with EASYSYSTEM EcoLine
EASYSYSTEM EcoLine for turning dry pruning bales into chips
THERMOSYSTEM Chip Line boilers
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