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Technical novelty Eima 1994 and Machinery Award Scheme 1999

MOUNTAINSILOS 550 AV is a mini wrapping machine designed to wrap cylindrical forage bales. The mini wrapper MOUNTAINSILOS 550 AV is suitable for single-axle mowers and motocultivators of all makes and models. The bales are wrapped by means of the power unit PTO through a quick-coupling flange. The bale wrapping is fully automatic: the operator only needs to set the type of wrapping (the film can be wrapped around the bale 2/4/6 times) and then pull the start lever.
The machine stops automatically once the bale is fully wrapped.

A practical version with electric motor is also available for indoor use: MOUNTAINSILOS 550 AVE.

MOUNTAINSILOS 550 AV and MOUNTAINSILOS 550 AVE wrap the bales with a special agricultural film that ensures the preservation of a precious product like silage, that is both valuable and delicate.


Technical data
Machine weight
89 kg
Plastic film height
25 cm
Plastic film length
1.800 m
Film stretching
Lap winding
6  / 4 / 2
Silage bales
Suitable for bales with the following features:
Height                   52 ÷ 73 cm
Diameter             50 ÷ 60 cm
Weight                  40 ÷ 50 kg


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